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Increasing access to high-quality mental healthcare

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Personalized support

  • Self-report symptoms and better understand diagnosis
  • Get more help from therapy skills videos and worksheets
  • Receive appointment reminders
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Streamlined tasks

  • Easily track patients' improvement
  • Save time renewing credentials
  • Access continuing education across psychiatric specialties
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Measurable impact

  • Monitor patient-reported outcomes with precision
  • Increase Collaborative Care
  • Tailor patient and family communications
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Maurizio Fava, MD, Psychiatrist-in-Chief of Massachusetts General Hospital

There is a vastly increased demand for our services, which is why we need tools like Dr. Katz that increase access, save time and help us personalize treatments.

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Maurizio Fava, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital

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Leading institutions want optimization, from credentialing to service delivery.

As health systems embrace new models of collaborative, integrated and at home care, Dr. Katz meets people where they are.

The app understands each clinician's evolving caseload, the needs of their patients, as well as the requirements of multi-state credentialing. This allows us to eliminate onerous paperwork. With intelligent assistance, we keep you up to date quickly and easily, while providing you with exactly the training you need.

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More than 1 in 5 Americans suffer mental illness every year.

Dr. Katz improves the relationship between patient and provider and saves everyone time.  

Percentage of millennials leaving jobPercentages of Americans reporting depression, considering suicide

Sources: American Heart Association, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Center for Disease Control

Let's improve the quality of mental health for all

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Measurable outcomes and impact

  • Monetize external training by distributing across community
  • Author original courses tailored to your employees
  • Utilize library of clinical resources to streamline care journey processes

Relief from administrative burden

  • Easily track global impressions of patient improvement
  • Save time referencing, renewing, and sharing credential status
  • Access continuing education across psychiatric specialties

Increased access

  • Enjoy video-based education at your own pace
  • Self-report symptoms and monitor your progress
  • Receive appointment reminders from your care team
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