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Expanding and improving mental healthcare access

We support clinicians, patients, organizations, and communities where they are.

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Expanding and improving mental healthcare access

We support clinicians, patients, organizations, and communities where they are.

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Diagnosis at the front door

Accessible, conversational patient intake

Secure video chat

Collect information that streamlines the interview and referral process

Accurate histories

Equip clinicians with just the right data

Simple recruitment

Increase equity in clinical trials

Measuring what matters

Gold-standard questionnaires improve diagnostic accuracy

Advanced instruments

Assign at recommended intervals

User-friendly design

Easily complete on mobile and web

Actionable insights

Spot trends and digest smart symptom summaries

Videos and exercises authored by experts

High-quality support tools answer questions and reinforce skills taught in therapy

Recommended video series

Empower patients with trusted medical information from qualified clinicians

Interactive journals and forms

Help patients practice healthy habits and increase adherence

Homework assignments and reminders

Set-up treatment pathways and review progress before appointments

Membership in a learning community

Stay up to date with video courses developed by leading clinicians and your organization - all in one place

Social knowledge base

Connect with colleagues through discussion boards

Streamlined credential management

Claim CE/CME and organize certificates

Clinical quality improvement

Get team members up to speed with onboarding programs and annual training

A collaborative solution
built for the future of healthcare

Practice confidently with enterprise-grade privacy, security, and HIPAA compliance protocols

Hear from experts

In this video series, clinicians share tips that help advance your practice
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Frequently asked questions

Is it available to private practitioners?
Sorry, not at the moment. We are currently focused on serving clinicians at health systems and their patients.
Is our data secure?
Your data is completely secure. There is nothing more important than maintaining the privacy of patient health information. We are HIPAA compliant, fully encrypt data at rest and in transit, require multi-factor user authentication, and use a tenanted architecture to isolate data by organization.
Do you offer video closed captioning?
Absolutely. Everyone wins when we build accessible products. All videos feature accurate closed captions, generated using advanced machine learning. Users can also adjust playback speeds and navigate within videos using chapters breaks.  
Does it work on mobile?
Yes, the service can be accessed from your favorite web browsers and looks great on your device. Included in your subscription, we offer a native mobile app that all users can download from the App Store.
How does billing work?
Subscription plans are per organization, based on the number of license accounts or seats. You can always add more accounts as your organization changes. We typically bill quarterly.
Can we add our own organization resources?
Sure! Our team includes experienced video producers, instructional designers, artists, and writers. We'll help you develop and publish original content with our easy-to-use, AI-powered Studio.
Does it integrate with our electronic health record?
We know it's important to sync information with your EHR and connect seamlessly with other enterprise IT systems. We have successfully integrated with leading EHRs and are happy to optimize clinical workflow in any way.
Are there discounts available for bulk licenses?
Of course. Our pricing scales with your organization. Our friendly team will find a solution that works for you.
What type of feedback is available from patients?
We track patient interests, comprehension, as well as engagement, from video click to completion. The service automatically summarizes measure and worksheet responses, appointment history, and assignment status, allowing providers to adjust treatment plans and better direct the course of care.
Can we share short videos with family members?
Of course! We know how powerful it can be when caregivers, partners, family members, and advocates are supported and included. You can distribute public links, or URLs, that grant access to videos - no account creation required. This is a very easy way to broadcast information and boost understanding.

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